• The assignment below is for February 18, 2019.  

    • Happy E-learning  Day!   I will try to make the assignments as user friendly as possible.

      Please date today's assignments.  You may use one piece of paper front and back to complete the day's assignments if you choose.

      Please note:  If your child has an IEP and receives special education services, you will need to complete the assignments under Mrs. Quinn for the areas your child receives services in (reading and/or math).  You can find her link here Mrs. Quinn  

      February 18, 2019  Assignment due Thursday, February 21, 2019

      Reading: I can read my sight words

      Steps of the Lesson

        1. Practice reading the sight words below to a grownup.



      Sight Word List GP2



      I can recognize alphabet letters and name their sounds.
       ABC chart: Say the letters, sounds and pictures for every letter of the alphabet.

      abc chart

       I can rhyme words

      2. Watch and sing along with Jack Hartmann's CVC Words Letter "a" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDVAhDyHZaA
      3. Write the CVC words (Beginning, middle, and Ending Sounds) for the 6 pictures found in CVC Words Vowel A

      Work to be turned in:
      6 CVC words (Beginning, middle, and Ending Sounds) that match the pictures found in the link above.


      Steps of the Lesson
      I can write a simple sentence in response to a prompt.
      I can write words that have matching sounds.

        1. Write at least two (2) sentences using sight words from the chart at the top of the page.

      Sentences should start with a capital letter, include spaces between words, sight words should be spelled correctly, and other words should be written with the letter sounds.               

      Work to be turned in:
      Write at least 2 sentences using sight words that are spelled correctly.  Sound out all other words and write them as you hear the sounds.


      Steps of the Lesson
      I can use objects and/or drawings to represent addition.

       1.  Jack Hartmann Addition Facts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRoJ5E-Xx9s
       2.  Write and complete the following addition problems. You may draw pictures to help you solve.

             1+2=____        5+2=____        2+3=____        3+3=____        3+1=____        

      Work to be turned in:
      Write and solve the addition problems.

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