E-Learning Assignments

Mrs. Pavloff's eLearning Assignments

  • All lessons are due back by Friday, November 15th...Please make sure all work has your child's name at the top.  You can use the front and back of each paper regardless of the assignment or turn in a separate page for each if you choose. :)

    • Reading and Writing

      I can... tell the setting and characters of a story.

      I can... write sentences about a topic and use correct punctuation and capitalization.

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Listen to Penguin's Big Adventure   Click on the Penguin's Big Adventure link.  Some stories may have Closed Caption for your child to read along. If they do, you may click on the "cc" - closed caption so your child can read along, or you can read a book you have at home.

      2. Draw a picture of the setting and two characters found in the story.

      3. Think about where you would want to go on an adventure.  Write about your adventure using these words to begin your story - I would go to _____________________. You may add another sentence or two to finish your story if you like.  Please draw an illustration for your story.

      4. Choose a book from home or a digital book online - Example starfall.com for Read to Self time for 15 min.  

      Work to be turned in: 1 ) Drawing from Penguin's Big Adventure and 2) Writing and illustration about your own adventure and 3) Signature from parent of how many minutes were read in step four.  

      (Total time: 45 minutes)


      I can... count objects to 20

      I can... count from 1 to 100 by ones

      I can... count from 1 to 100 by tens

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1.  Count 20 small toys or objects  Example pennies, cereal, macaroni, blocks, etc...

      2.  Fold a piece of paper into 4 squares. 

      3.  Choose four numbers between 1 and 20.  Write one of those numbers in each square.

      4.  Draw that number of objects in each square to match that number.

      5.  Watch these videos Counting by 10's and Count to 100 by ones.


      Work to be turned in: Number sheet with four drawings. (30 minutes)


      I can... work on my iReady lessons designed for my ability

      Steps of the Lesson:  

      1. Log on to iReady  Go to educatemc.net, then click on the Learning Place. Click on CLEVER and then go to iReady for the lessons. Username and Password is written on the inside of your child's ELearning folder. (It must be typed using lowercase.)  

      2. Log in and work for 30 minutes in iReady on Math

      3. Log in and work for 30 minutes in iReady on Reading

      Please message me at tpavloff@mcas.k12.in.us or Class Dojo if you have any questions.

      Work to be turned in: 

      1.  None. I will see the minutes on my report.  (Total 60 minutes)  

      If you are unable to complete iReady at home, the school computer lab will be staffed after school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so that your child can complete their assignment.  The activity bus will be available for students who normally ride the bus.  You must contact the office and/or myself if you need your child to stay.


      Here is our Specials' schedules.

      Tuesday and Friday - MUSIC and GYM

      Thursday - Art

      Please click on the corresponding link below and complete the assignment for today's Special.