Mrs. Bowser ELearning Day Agenda


    Wednesday 5-13-2020

    Parents, To make sure your child is not marked absent for the days we are doing virtual elearning at home, please have them put their name and date on each paper and put their papers in the back of their elearning folder or in their backpack to keep from losing them.  Also you can take a picture of their work with your phone and upload it to ClassDojo on your child's portfolio and I will be able to see their work right away and count them present for each day. Or pictures can be sent to my email

     Click on the following link to sign in and take a short survey today - Sign in/Short survey


    1. Click on the following link - And Then Comes Summer 

    2. Click on the link to write about what you want to do this summer: I want to...

    3. Please read books of your choosing for "read to self" time for 15 minutes. (Your child may also to read book digital books of their choosing, on websites such as Starfall,  etc.)

     I have a code for 4 months free if you want to access all the activities on Starfall.  If you need a code let me know through Dojo or email. 

          *Work to be turned in: paper with parent signature stating you read for 15 minutes. I will see your story. (30 minutes)



    I can... read and write the Kindergarten sight words.

    Steps to the lesson:

    1.  Click on the link - Sight Words 2

    2.  Click on the link -  Sight word List

    3.  How many sight words can you read? On piece of paper write all the sight words that you know how to read.

    4. Take a picture of your writing and upload the picture to Class DoJo or email it to me at Mrs. Bowser's email


    Time for a gonoodle break!  Click on the link - Pop See Ko 2


            *Work to be turned in: Picture of the sight words you can read.

    (30 minutes)


    Math Review

    I can...count to 100 by 1's, 100 by 10's, add numbers, and subtract numbers,

    Steps of the Lesson:

     1. Click on the following link - Count to 100 by 1's

     2. Click on the following link - Counting to 100 by 10's

     3. Click on the following link - Addition facts

     4. Click on the following link - Subtraction Song



            *Work to be turned in:  None. (20 minutes)


    Don't forget to join us in the Zoom Class Get Together today at 2:00  Click on this link - Let's Get Together  

    Meeting ID: 967 2897 4082
    Password: Bowser

    Enjoy your summer!  I will miss seeing your pictures everyday.  You can still send me pictures through classdojo of things you are doing over the summer!  Feel free to go on Iready Math and Reading over the summer to work on Math and Reading to keep your brain learning!!


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