What is Adult Education?
    Books Students receive individualized instruction in reading, writing, math, and TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) preparation. With flexible hours, students can find time suitable for classes. Call (219) 873-2120 extension 8707 for complete information. 

    Who may attend?

    • Individuals age sixteen or older who are out of school
    • Individuals preparing for the TASC
    • High school graduates in need of remediation
    • Individuals whom are foreign-born to learn or improve English
    • Individuals who want to "brush up" on forgotten academic skills

    Can I get a regular High School Diploma?
    No... only HSE (High School Equivalency) diplomas are offered.

    How long does it take to get my HSE?
    This varies depending on your current skill set.  Students are tested upon enrollment to assess where their levels are and then they must complete a minimum of 12 contact hours prior to taking the TASC test.  Teachers can give students a general idea once they have taken the original TABE test.  Much of this varies depending on how much time a student puts into the refresher coursework.


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