• Hello Krueger Family,

    I am extremely excited to be the Principal here at Krueger Middle School. 

    I come to Krueger Middle School with nine years experience as an educator.  I have been a teacher in the Michigan City Area Schools for the past seven years.  Over the course of those seven years, I have taught at Barker Middle School for six of those.  Along with teaching, I have served as the Head Varsity Baseball coach at Michigan City High School for the past three years. 

    The middle school years are a unique time in which our students are changing physically, mentally/emotionally and socially.  The staff here is ready to help shape our students in their education and prepare them to be successful in high school. 

    I recommend that you take the time to monitor your child’s progress throughout the school year.  You can check grades through our online grade system, RDS.  You can also contact your teachers by phone or email if you have a question.  Parent nights are scheduled throughout the year so you can have a face-to-face introduction to your child’s teachers.  We can also schedule a team meeting during the school day.  

    Krueger offers a great wealth of opportunities in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Environmental instruction among many others.  Our focus this year is to incorporate ELA and math instruction into other academic areas, making connections to build on strengths.  As we look to our Environmental Field Days, we are conscious of the need to find ways to incorporate ELA and Math topics into our experiences.  I encourage you to speak with your children about the many great opportunities available here at Krueger.

    As we move through the school year there will be challenges and victories.  Please help us continue to build up our young people by being there for them; supporting them in times of challenge; lending an ear and a heart when they need them; and letting us know when we can help in a particular way.


    Yours in Education,

    Josh Malone, Principal