• Welcome to the Lake Hills Safe Harbor Website

    "Where Safety Lights the Way to Learning" 

      Safe Harbor provides before and after school programming and is dedicated to promoting and encouraging all aspects of student development. Our tools are MOTIVATIONUNDERSTANDINGand CREATIVITYwhich we believe is essential.


         At Lake Hills Elementary our program offers academic enrichment and recreational activities geared toward academic achievement and is linked to the regular school day routine. We maintain a safe and nurturing environment as expected from a standard school day.

  • Current Activities:

    Our Day is filled with enrichment activities. Groups spend time in each activity in rotation style. Below is a partial list of activities Safe Harbor offers to our after school students.

    Learning Lab
    Learning Lab - This rotation offers homework assistance, project based learning, educational games and the My ON reader program. Our site works closely with teachers to offer students more practice in areas in which they may be the weakest and need more practice.

    SPARK - Our recreation program allows students more time with physical activity.

    Computers - The computer rotation offers educational games for the students. The games focus on critical thinking or are integrated with skills learned during the school day.

    Dance  -  this 45 minute rotation allows students the chance to learn dance and participate in musically focused games.
    Let's Paint

    Art  - Provided by the Lubeznik Center, this hour rotation teaches students about the many different elements of art. 
    Boy Scouts

    Boy Scouts