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    Strategic Plan 2023-2027

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    A Note from Our Superintendent:

    In January 2023, the Michigan City Area Schools embarked upon a strategic planning journey, in partnership with Education Elements. Since that time, we have conducted surveys and held focus groups, design sessions, and a community town hall. Over 3,000 parents, staff, students, and community members shared feedback with us through at least one of these opportunities!

    Throughout the planning process, four values rose to the top, again and again: Trust. Diversity. Growth. Pride. We believe in promoting a culture of integrity, so that all members of our community experience deep trust and partnership with the district. We believe in celebrating diversity and empowering all members of our community. We believe in continuously growing, learning, and improving so that all of our students experience academic and personal success. And we believe in cultivating pride in our schools.

    These values guided the work of our strategic planning Steering Team, which is comprised of staff, students, parents and community members. The team developed 15 initiatives that will be part of the new Strategic Plan, centered around five Pillars:

    1. Culture and environment,
    2. Student voice and opportunities,
    3. Meeting the needs of diverse learners,
    4. Clear and consistent communication, and
    5. Educating the whole child.

    We are excited to share the final Strategic Plan with our community. But the plan itself is not the end of our work – it is the beginning. We are now pulling together implementation teams that will dig in to develop the specific actions that will bring the initiatives outlined in the plan to fruition over the next five years.

    We appreciate all who are working hand in hand with us to serve and support our students. Our teachers and staff, our families, our alumni, and our community are the lifeblood of our school district. And we are so grateful to our partners in business, industry, and higher education who are supporting our work. THANK YOU! 

    – Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins, Superintendent

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