• Welcome to Our Class

    I am one of the 3 Pathways teachers within the Pathways Program. You can find us on the 3rd floor of the Elston building, next to the AK Smith Career Center. 

    Rules for the Pathways Program: 

    1. NOTES- NOT required, but they will be if you consistently fail a unit exam or the end of semester test. Consistently means more than twice.

    2. EXAMS- Done without your cell phone, in-person ONLY. This includes unit exams, the end-of-semester exam, and the pre-tests. 

    3. MASTERY QUIZZES- 60% or greater is passing, but there is NO minimum time or score requirement

    4. PHONES- Students who are on pace or ahead of pace are allowed. Students who are not, must have their phones out.

    5. UNLOCKING- email me and let me know which mastery tests you need unlocked

    6. COURSES- done in about 3 weeks, only 1 or 2 at a time, 2 - 3 hours spent on coursework per day is expected

    7. COURSE FAILURE- if you take an end-of-semester exam and your final grade on the course is less than 60%, I reserve the right to erase your progress and make you start over. 

    8. COMMON COURTESY- respond to emails, be kind, ask permission


  • Meet the Teacher

    Hello! My name is Nicole Ballinger and I am one of the new Pathways teachers this year! I'm very excited to be part of Michigan City Area Schools and the Pathways Program.

    Quick Facts About Me:

    - I graduated from Concord High School in 2017, where I played trumpet in the marching band. 

    - I recently graduated from Purdue University in West Lafeyette, Indiana in December of 2021, majoring in Social Studies Education.




  • Contact me at:
    Email: n.ballinger@mcas.k12.in.us
    Phone: (219) 873-2000, ext. 7519