Why join Fishing club?

    We have a great club motto: “We Catch Fish!”

    We have a great club slogan: "Let's Go Fishing!"

    Join the Hoosier Coho Club for free.

    Become a member of the MCHS Youth Fishing Team and compete in the Hoosier Coho Club CLassic Tournament the first weekend in May on board an actual charter boat.

    Attend Hoosier Coho Club meetings and learn more about fishing “the Big Lake” and Trail Creek.  There is also an inexpensive chili cook-off and a smoked salmon contest.

    Instant access to fishing buddies through our “Fishing Buddy Call List.”  Want to go fishing, but have no one to go with, check the list.  The list is ordered by type of fish and location.  Someone is always ready to go fishing. 

    We have fun and great camaraderie. 

    We do fun stuff at our meetings: clean reels, re-spool reels, obtain free used fishing tackle, learn new knots, have fly tying demonstrations, casting contests, fishing games, up-to-date fishing reports, and meet-and-fish somewhere.


    If you fish, if you want to learn more about fishing, and if you want to fish more, we are YOUR club.  JOIN us.  Our oganizational meeting is Thursday, September 2nd.  We usually meet the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. Contact Mr. Marz if interested.