• Coolspring School Student Council

    Coolspring's Student Council includes a group of elected students who serve the school throughout the school year. They raise money and spirit with great enthusiasm. Riley Hospital of Indianapolis receives part of the money collected. The student council has given hundreds of dollars to the hospital during the past twenty years. The council representatives have yearly responsibilities, which are listed below:

    October~The election process is held during this month.
    Week 1: Voting registration. Students decide if they are running for office.
    Week 2: Election posters are made and displayed.
    Week 3: Speeches are given by the candidates.
    Week 4: Election week... results are announced on the school's morning announcements.

    December ~ December brings the annual Food Drive. Student council members count the cans of food that are brought in from fellow students from each classroom. The winner gets a secret surprise! Coolspring has brought in thousands of cans in the past twenty years. These donations go to the Salvation Army.

    April ~ April or late March is the month of the annual Fun Fair! Our council members help raise money by having the Fish Pond. Tickets enable contestants to try to win great prizes by using a fishing pole. The council members help run this event and work in shifts during the entire fair.

    End of school year ~ May and June bring the most fun of all. It is the annual Wild Wildcat Week featuring Jar Wars! Students bring in pennies to place in their classroom jars before other rooms put silver in them. The silver negates the copper and who has the most copper at the end of the week wins a pizza party! Jimmie Jar Wars also visits and challenges selected students with mind-boggling feats of penny power! Council members help count the money and eventually most of it heads to Riley Hospital. The week ends with a huge Jar Wars Parade with Jimmie "surfing" on roller skates through the hallways! All the classrooms make banners featuring their artwork for Jar Wars. The reps and alternates carry the banners around the entire school hallway while music is playing on the hallway speakers! This is usually the prelude to Field Day during the last few days of school.

    Entire Year ~ Meetings are held when necessary, usually before a social event that will involve our council members. Yearly we pass out catalogs that contain ideas for fundraising, such as pins, buttons, decals, etc. Our council decides which items might be good sellers to the entire student body.

    Also, the council helps make posters for the annual MCHS Homecoming Parade. Our mascot joins many wildcats in the parade that marches down Franklin Street to Ames Field.

    Megan Edinger is the supervisor of the student council.