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    Welcome to the Michigan City Virtual Academy - Now serving 9-12! 

    e-Learning ♦ engaging ♦ excelling ♦ enriching ♦ empowering

    Michigan City Virtual Academy is for students 9-12 who are seeking learning opportunities that are 100% virtual. Students complete online learning modules and watch online tutorials independently; MCAS teachers are available to monitor their progress and help guide them as they work through tough problems and grapple with complex ideas. A partnership with Edmentum/Plato Courseware and Assessments ensures a high-quality digital curriculum that is rigorous, engaging, and aligned to Indiana State Standards.

    Michigan City Virtual Academy students thrive in an environment of structured flexibility, individualized support, and engaging digital coursework. "Meeting students where they are." 

    MCVA is ideal for today’s independent learners:

    • Families who prefer the "homeschool" environment with public school support and options. 
    • Students who work
    • Students who prefer learning from home
    • Students who have fallen behind or want to get ahead
    • Competitive athletes
    • Musicians and performance artists
    • Housebound students

    What MCVA Provides:

    Highly-Qualified Instructors - Michigan City Virtual Academy provides highly-qualified instructors utilizing Edmentum/Plato Courseware and Assessments. Students have one-on-one as well as group engagement. 

    Support Services - Student support is vital to positive academic outcomes, especially for online students. Parents and students alike will have ready access to the professional team of educators by phone, email, and online conferences. Parents/guardians are encouraged to work in concert with professional staff when creating their student’s Individual Learning Outcome Plan. Our focus is on success, “no-fail” options. Students work toward personal achievement and proficiency.

    Socialization Opportunities - For online students, social opportunities are as important as the academic experience. Every effort will be made to provide special opportunities for experiences beyond the computer screen. Parents should contact their student’s teacher/mentor for information about socialization opportunities available, including activities offered (e.g., field trips, clubs) and how online instruction can support socialization (e.g., group projects, online collaboration).

    College and Career Readiness -  Our #1 goal is to prepare students for success in college and careers. Every student will be required to not only fulfill college and career coursework, but students in grades 10-12 will have the opportunity to participate in one of the many outstanding CTE programs through the LaPorte County Career and Technical Education program located at the A.K. Smith Career Center. Students also will have access to counselors who will help them with college and career planning.

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