E-Learning Day

E-Learning 10/11/2019

  • E-Learning Day 10/11/2019 

    Integrated Chemistry/Physics

    I can: tell the differences between states of matter.

    Lesson Description: Complete the Chapter 3 test. It is open book, open notes, you can use Google.

    Steps of the lesson: Open Blackboard, go to Chapter tests on the left. Choose Chapter 3 test. You have two attempts to complete the test using notes, the reading material, etc.


    Physics 1 

    I can: use the correct kinematics formula to solve a problem.

    Lesson Description: Practice using kinematics to solve problems.

    Steps of the lesson: Go onto Khan Academy and watch the video I assigned as well as the practice problems. The video is only 11 minutes long and explains how to know which formula to use. If you have not already completed the practice problems from the book, you need to finish those as well by Monday. This video should further explain how to do those problems. Remember number 29 in the book has the incorrect answer listed.