• Welcome to Our Class

    Willkommen zu dem MCHS Deutschprogramm!
    Welcome to the MCHS German Program
    a.k.a. "the Michigan City Haus that Ruth Built"
    German 1-Deutsch 1
    German 2-Deutsch 2
    German 3-Deutsch 3
    AP German-AP Deutsch
    German Club-Deutsch Verein
    German American Partnership Program
    Herr Illian
     Herzlich Willkommen in der Michigan City High School German program.  And I do mean "program"!  It all starts with German 1, for everyone.  Then as we learn some basics atnd develop a few skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking the German language, and about the German culture, a student can progress to German levels 2-4 by the time they are a Senior at MCHS.  If a student successfully completes Level 3, he or she may then enroll in AP German, which affords them the  opportunity to test out of up to the first two years of German at the University level.  Along the way, students can participate in German Club events, which usually include a trip to Chicago to go shopping at the Christkindlmarkt.  After level two is completed, our students may also participate in the GAPP Exchange, an annual program that matches our students with a partner student in Bavaria!  These Exchanges take place in the Spring, when the German students arrive, and in the summer when our students travel to Germany.  The GAPP Exchange gives our students a chance to attend the German school, make lasting friendships with German students and their families in a very beautiful part of Germany!  
  • Meet the Teacher
    Guten Tag!  

    Mr. Friedhelm Illian, (Herr Illian), is my name.
    I'm new to Michigan City, although I must confess, I drove by it many times on my way to Chicago
    from my original home in Michigan.

    I started teaching in 1979, as soon as I graduated from Northern Michigan University.
    German was my mother tongue and naturally became my Major in College.
    I also minored in English and History.

    I have taught German for 36 years in Berrien Springs, Frankenmuth, Marquette and Brimley Michigan,
    Springfield Illinois, Montgomery Alabama, Orlando Florida, Kake Alaska,
    Sahuarita Arizona, Seoul South Korea, and Bitburg and Bonn Germany!

    When I saw that Herr Ruth had retired after many years, I knew they needed someone with experience
    to come and keep such a great program headed in the right direction.
    I am looking forward to whatever time I have left in teaching to help the students of
    Michigan City keep their German program active and moving forward.

    Auf Wiedersehen!
  • Contact me at
    Email: fillian@mcas.k12.in.us
    Phone: (219) 873-2044, ext. 4515