e-Learning 12/9/19

eLearning 11/16/20

  • E-Learning - 11/16/20 All assignments today will be today by 11:59 p.m. this evening.

    Email any questions to me: lori.patterson@mcas.k12.in.us 


    APPLIED LANGUAGE ARTS Periods One and Seven

    I can...use my listening and comprehension skills to answer questions about the book we are reading.

     Lesson Description

    You will answer a quiz about the book "The Hate You Give"


    11/16/20 Quiz "The Hate U Give"

    The students will answer multiple choice and short answer questions about the book "The Hate U Give"

    Steps of the Language Arts Lesson:  

    1. Please go to Language Arts Google Classroom.
    2. Open the quiz "The Hate U Give" it is in Google Forms
    3. Answer the questions. This will also count as your attendance in class.

    Work to be turned in: Your assignment grade will be recorded in RDS once you have submitted in Google Classroom.  

     APPLIED SCIENCE Period Three

    I can...learn about the makeup of atoms and the Periodic Table. I can make sure all my assigned work is completed by today.

    Lesson Description

    Students will watch two very short videos. The first one is on the parts of an atom. The second one is about the Periodic Table. They will then review their work for past due assignments and finish those.

    11/16/20 Chapter 6 Earth Chemistry

               Steps to Lesson

      1. Please go to Google Classrooms Applied Science.
      2. Watch the two short videos about the parts of an atom and the Periodic Table. 
      3. Answer the questions on Google Form because this counts as your attendance.
      4. Finish any past due work from Chapters 4, 5, and 6. If the assignments are not completed by today, you will earn a zero on the assignment. 

      Work to be turned in: Your assignment grade will be recorded in RDS once you have submitted your answers in Google Classroom.


    WOLF POWER HOUR 5th Period

    I can...identify values and complete any past due work.

    Lesson Description

    Students will answer questions about different values. They will also be responsible for checking for past due work that they have not completed.

    11/16/20 Different Values

      1. Please go to Google Classrooms Wolf Power Hour.
      2. Answer the question on the Google Form about which value you value most. This will count as your attendance.
      3. Answer the questions about the values to the best of your ability. Please use Snap & Read and Co:writer to help you. 
      4. Complete any other past due work you have in Language Arts, Math, Government, or Science. 

      Work to be turned in: Your assignment grade will be recorded in RDS once you have submitted your answers in Google Classroom.


     PEER TUTORS Periods One, Three, and Seventh


     I can...reach out to the students I serve and assist them.

             Lesson Description

    You will be responsible for emailing assigned students two or three times a week beginning today. You will offer assistance as they navigate through hybrid and online learning.

    11/3/20-1/16/21 Reaching Out to Your Peers

    1. Go to the Peer Tutor Google Classroom
    2. Read the assignment and intent of the purpose of reaching out to your classmates.
    3. Find your assigned students and email them. Remember to copy me on the email.