E-Learning Day

E-Learning Day


    • Algebra I

      Objective: I can write an equation in slope-intercept form and identify the slope and the y-intercept.

      Lesson Description:  Students will complete a worksheet where they solve an equation for "y" so that it will be in slope intercept form and then identify the slope and y-intercept and find the matching answer at the bottom of the page. They will complete the worksheet on their own sheet of paper if they do not have a printer to print out the worksheet. 

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Log in to your email. Click here for Email


      1. Locate the email sent from Abbie Hartog and open it. 


      1. Read any instructions or messages in the body of the email.


      1. Open the attachment to the email. Here you will see an image of the assignment that you are to work on. Do all work on a separate sheet of paper and show your work (not just answers).


      1. You will turn this assignment in at the beginning of class when we return or no later than 12/12/19.


      Work to be turned in: "According to Some Students......" Worksheet (Second Side of Friday's Worksheet), Complete on your own sheet of paper.

      ***The amount of extra time listed in one's IEP will be honored when turning in assignments.

      ***If you turn in your assignment(s) on the day we return back to school after our E-Learning Day(s), you will be eligible for up to 10 extra credit points in addition to the points you will earn for your assignment(s). 

      *****If you need teacher assistance, click on the following "email" link in order to login to gmail. Once in gmail, simply type in Abbie Hartog in the "To" section and select the correct email address so that you can begin your email. Click here for Email



      ONLINE CALCULATER  Click here for calculator

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