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     Today's lessons are due back by Friday, February 21st

    • Reading

      I can... use pictures and words to help tell a story.

      I can... write sentences about a topic and use correct punctuation and capitalization.

       Steps of the Lesson:

       1. Listen to "If I Were President" by Catherine Stier.  (Some stories have a closed caption "CC" icon so that your child can read along.)

      2. Draw pictures of three of the things children would do if they were president (from the story.)

      3. Tell an adult about your three pictures.

      4. Think about what YOU would do if you were the president, then complete the writing activity below.

           Work to be turned in:  Pictures of three things the children in the story would do if they were president. (30 minutes)


      5. When you have completed your video and writing activity, please read books of your choosing for "read to self" time.  (15 minutes) Your child may choose to read books from home, digital books on Starfall or any website of your choosing.

           *Work to be turned in:  Parent signature at the bottom with a sentence showing how many minutes your child spent on read to self time.  



      Steps of the Lesson:

      1.  Imagine you are the president.  Write a story about what you would do if you were president. Start with these words:  If I were president...

      2.  Use your best sounding out strategies, but try to spell any sight words you use correctly.  Don't forget to use a capital letter to start your sentences, spaces between your words and punctuation at the end.

      3.  Draw a picture that matches your story. 

      4.  Parents-you may help your child sound out their words, but allow them to write "authentically" and use the letters they feel look right.  

                 *Work to be turned in:  Two or three sentence story about what your child would do if they were the president with accompanying illustration. (30 minutes)



      I can... count to 100 by ones and tens

      I can... solve addition word problems up to 10.

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1.  Today we are working on problem solving.

      2.  Watch this video and Count to 100 by ones

      3.  Watch this video and Count to 100 by tens.

      4.  Fold a piece of paper into four squares.  

      5.  Click on the problem solving sheet from IReady

      6.  Have a parent help you read the word problem.  

      7.  Draw a picture to help you solve your word problem, then write the number sentence that matches your drawing.  

      8.  Circle the number that is your answer to the word problem.  

      9.  Create your own number sentence in the fourth box and draw a picture to match.  Tell an adult the number story about your drawing.

               *Work to be turned in: Worksheet with the four drawings, number sentences to match and the answer circled.  (40 minutes) 



      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Go to the Word Problem activity on Starfall for more practice on solving word problems.

      (10 minutes) 



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