Below is the contact information for the Kelly Educational Services (KES) Scheduling Team, which should be used in the following situations:
    1.  To edit the date or start/end times of an absence already in Aesop (Frontline)
    2.  To cancel a past absence
    3.  To edit a past absence 
    4.  For last minute, same day absences (less than 1 hour before the absence start time)
    5.  To request a specific substitute 
    KES Scheduling Team 
    Hours  4 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CENTRAL TIME)
    Monday through Friday
    Phone:   800-991-5157 option 1  
    If a message is left for the scheduling team, it is very important that the individual calling leaves their name (and spells it out), name of school district, name of building, absence reason, date (including full or half day am or half day pm) and if they have a specific substitute in mind, the name of the substitute
    Email:  EDNEFulfillmentSupport@kellyservices.com   (please do not email for urgent issues; anything that needs a same-day response should be called in)
    Any MCAS employee having technical difficulties with Aesop (forgot PIN, etc.) should contact 1-866-KELLY-38.  Please note that this is for technical issues only and not for any absence scheduling.
    The local KES team should be contacted only by the building principal or building secretary:
    1.  To report an incident or injury involving a KES substitute
    2.  To discuss any performance related topics or issues
    3.  To refer a new substitute employee
    4.  To request any special reporting