eLearning day

eLearning day November 12, 2019

  • E-Learning 11/12/2019

    • Mrs. Schultz 2nd Grade

      READING: (45 Minutes) 

      I can..tell the elements of a story.

      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Watch and listen to the story Strega Nona
      2. List the characters
      3. Write about your favorite part of the story and use a because to explain why this is your favorite part. 

      Log into iready Reading - Work on Reading path for at least 20 minutes.

      BRAIN BREAK: Do 15 Jumping Jacks and 10 toe touches. 

      WRITING: (30 minutes) 

      Write at least a three sentence story about what you like to do on a snow day. 

      MATH (30 minutes)

      I can... solve grade level word problems

      Kwasi has 6 marbles. Marion takes 4 away.  How many marbles does Kwasi have left?

      Traelyn has 12 flowers. Terran takes 6 of them. How many flowers does Traelyn have now?

      Nathaly has 8 cards. She gives 3 to Aubrey. How many does she have left?

      Alayna has 10 cards. Daylen takes 8 of them. How many does she have now? 

      Complete the Balloon Pop Subtraction game.