Bienvenue! Welcome to French at Michigan City High School!

  • Meet the Teacher
    I have been teaching since 1995, in both French and English, on both the high school and college levels.  I hold a Bachelor's degree in French and English Education and a Masters degree in French literature, both from Purdue University in West Lafayette.
    I travel to France frequently and I love sharing the language, literature, history, and culture of France with my students!
  • Classroom Philosophy

    In this class, we will use technology to make French useful to you. The most fun part of learning French is actually using it with your friends, with the teacher, and hopefully at some point, with native French speakers.

    You and your experiences are important to me. Your unique culture, background, potential, and your future are all important to me. I want to get to know you to help you succeed, not just in my class, but in life.

    I have been teaching students to speak, read, write and listen to French since 1995. 

    I love what I do!


    Classes offered at MCHS:

    French I - introduction to basics of French grammar and culture, emphasis on reading and listening comprehension

    French II - continued study and deeper involvement with French grammar and culture, emphasis on verbal and written production and reading and listening comprehension

    French III - accelerated grammar combined with reading, writing, and speaking in the target language

    French IV - literature and culture taught primarily in the target language