e-Learning Day

e-Learning Day 3/27/20



    I can...read and answer comprehension questions about our story of the week. 


    1. Complete iReady Reading BLUE lesson. 

     - Clever

    2. Read to self (approx. 15 mins.)


    I can...at least count to 100 by ones and tens and count on by one from any number. 

    1. Count by 10s

    2. Complete iReady Math BLUE lesson. 

     - Clever

    3. Practice counting by 1's to 100 and by 10's to 100. 



    If today is normally a day your child would go to a related arts class, please click the appropriate link for that teacher to have your child complete their E-Learning assignment for that class. 


    Art - (Wednesday)

    Music Mr. Liwosz - (Tuesday)

    Music Mrs. Bolen- (Monday)

     Gym - (Monday/Friday)