e-Learning Day

e-Learning Day 12/9/19

  • Reading

    I can...read and answer comprehension questions about our story of the week. 

    1. Click on the link below to listen to our story of the week:

        - Farfallina & Marcell

        - Verbally answer our question of the week in a complete sentence. Talk about our Amazing Words you heard in our story and what each mean. 

          Question of the Week: What happens when animals change?

          Amazing Words: 

          1. goose - a large bird that makes its home near water

          2. gosling - a baby goose

          3.  caterpillar - fuzzy insect with many legs

          4. butterfly - a flying insect with colored wings

          5.  reflection - image we see in a mirror

          6. cocoon - a shell where a caterpillar turns into a butterfly 

         - Think about what happened first, next, and last in the story. 

    2. Login to Clever to complete your iReady Reading lesson that is blue.

    3. Practice your sight word flashcards.  


    I can...write/draw a picture to express my own thoughts, spell simple words phonetically, capitalize the first word in a sentence, use spaces between words, and use punctuation as needed. 

    1. In the story, Farfallina and Marcel's friendship changes as they grow and change. When Farfallina and Marcel first become friends, they have fun playing together. Write and Draw a picture about what friends do together or what Farfallina and Marcel do together. (Ex: Farfallina and Marcel ____________.) 

    - This will be collected when we return to school. 


    I can...find the number that makes 10 when added to the given number for any number from 1 to 9. 

    1. Count to 100 Song

       Counting by 10's

    2. Login to Clever to complete your iReady Math lesson that is blue. 

    3. Practice counting by 1's to 100. 

    4. Practice number flashcards. 


    All work must be completed by 12-12-19.


    If today is normally a day your child would go to a related arts class, please click the appropriate link for that teacher to have your child complete their E-Learning assignment for that class. 


    Art - (Wednesday)

    Music Mr. Liwosz - (Tuesday)

    Music Mrs. Bolen- (Monday)

     Gym - (Monday/Friday)