e-Learning Instructions

e-Learning Instructions

  • Tuesday May 13th, 2020



    Happy Last Day of School!

    Good morning!

    • Finish ALL Quick Writes and any other reading assingnments

    • Finish ALL math assignments in the workbooks and on Moby.

    • Watch CNN 10 for Social Studies.


    Please email me/ Bloomz/ or message me through the GoGuardian chat if you have any questions!  

    -Mrs. Olson



    I can read a passage and cite evidence to support answers to questions.

    1. Create a google doc called "Favorite Memory" share a memory that was your favorite or stood out to you from when we were still in school together.

    2. Make sure your writing has correct puncuation, grammar, and spelling.

    3. When you are finished, share the google doc with me and I will respond to your writing and send it back.

    4. Finish ALL quick writes and reading assignments.




    I can Solve math problems involvoing Polygons on the Coordinate Plane.

    1. Complete ALL practice and problem solving and instruction books pages from the previous lessons.

    2. Make sure you complete any remaining Moby assignments you might have.

    3. Send me pictures of any work you complete.

    4. I will be letting you know what work I am missing from you, if any.


    Social Studies/Science

    I can watch a video and reflect on current events occuring in our world.

    1. Go https://www.cnn.com/CNN10/

    2. Watch CNN Student News and take notes.

    3. Write six things you learned from the videos this week and share it with me.





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