E-Learning Day

    Welcome, Class!

    I hope you are staying safe and warm on this icy, February morning.  Here are your assignments for the day.  Take your time you have all day to complete the assignments.  The assignments, if paper and pencil, are due the next school day or Due Feb 21, 2019.  If you need me I will be available through email and class dojo during regular school hours 8:30 - 3:00.  Have a great day!

    IF THEY NEED A BRAIN BREAK: Brain-breaks are a great way to break up the day, help with that "cabin fever",  get your child up and moving, and well really they are just lots of FUN. GoNoodle has tons of them and its what I use or you can go on to youtube and search brain-breaks and tons of them will pop up.  

    GONOODLE - you can sign-up for free. 

    If you work/have small group with Mrs. Aiken in the morning please click here.



    E-learning Agenda

    Date: February 18, 2019


    20 minutes:



    I can recognize upper and lowercase letters.

    I can identify letter sounds.

    I can identify the beginning sounds of words.

    Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Click here to practice your alphabet and letter sounds.
      2. Practice reading your sight words from the flashcards previously sent home.
      3. Do word Worksheet:  Write the correct word on the line, then copy the complete sentence.  
      4. Read to/with someone for 20 minutes.  Write down the title of all books read.
      (If you do not have books at home, go to getepic.com and enter class code:lzv8456 to read books online.)  Draw a picture of your favorite part of one of the books.  


    1. Word Work Worksheet
    2.  Picture of your favorite part of one of the books



    Writing (20 minutes):


    I can write a true story using letters sounds and sight words.

    I can draw a picture to illustrate my story.

    I can practice spacing my words and using punctuation in my sentences.



    Steps of the Lesson:

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Write a true story about your weekend.  Be sure to draw a picture and then use your sounds and sight words to write your story.  (Parents-you may help students sound out their words, but please don’t tell them how to spell everything.)  Make sure to practice spacing your words and use punctuation at the end of your sentences.


    1. A 2-3 sentence story with an illustration.


    TO TURN IN: A 2-3 sentence story with an illustration.



    (30 minutes):


    I can count by 1’s and 10’s to 110.

    I can recognize numbers 0-20.

    I can write numbers 0-20.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Click here to practice counting.
    2. Write your numbers from 0-50 in order by 1’s, from 0-110 by 10’s and from 0-110 by 5’s.
    3. Addition worksheet.  Follow the directions and solve each equation.  

    TO TURN IN: 

    1. written numbers
    2. Addition worksheet



    OUR SPECIALS Today is Library: Music and Gym