E-Learning Day
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    Welcome, Class!

      Here are your assignments for the day.  Take your time you have all day to complete the assignments.  The Assignments will be due Friday, April 3, 2020



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    E-learning Agenda

    Date: March 30, 2020


    20 minutes:


    Phonics I can statemens

    Steps of the lesson

    1. Watch:  CVC Work March 30
      1. Get your half notebook and write with me.  
    2. Watch: OUR NEW DIGRAPH -CK
      1. IN your half notebook or sheet of paper either use the words that Mrs. Hughes used in her video or come up with some new -CK words and illustrate 4 -CK words



    close read i-can Statements

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Watch: Too Many Carrots By Katy Hudson
      1. In your half notebook draw a vertical line down the middle of the sheet.  One one side of the paper illustrate two homes that rabbit tried to stay.  

    Work to turn in:

    1. Illustrations of two homes rabbit tried to stay



    Writing (20 minutes):

    Writting I can Statements


    Steps of the lesson:

    1.  Decide whether you would want a dog or a cat for a pet

    2. Then click on and read the story of the pet that you choose:  Dog    or    Cat

    3 Pick at least two facts on how to take care of that animal and write it in your half notebook or sheet of paper.  Make sure you draw a picture of you taking care of your pet.  

    *If the links for the books do not show up go to getepic.com and then put in my classroom code:  lzv8456 and search for the stories My First Pets cats or My First Pets Dogs


    TO TURN IN: 

    1. At least two facts on how to take care of the animal that you choose




    (30 minutes):

    Math I can statements


    Before the Lesson:

    Wacht this: Skip Counting With Jack Heartmann


    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Watch:  Counting to 100 by 1's part 1

    TO TURN IN: 

    1. WB page pg. 147


    Kinder Social skills with Tom and Tabby Cat and Mrs. Hughes

    Please Watch This Videos: Kinder Social Skills Story 3: Following the Rules

    Social Skills are so important to Kindergarten.  It's really the foundation of everything that they will encounter for the rest of their career as a student and beyond.  Thinking about things like how we share, following rules and even impulse control are such good things to think at a young age.  I will be posting a short video every day.  Every other day will be a new skill to think about.  Please enjoy this conversation with your children!


    Today our specials are P.E and Music:  



    PE Mrs. Barron



    IF THEY NEED A BRAIN BREAK: Brain-breaks are a great way to break up the day, help with that "cabin fever",  get your child up and moving, and well really they are just lots of FUN. GoNoodle has tons of them and its what I use or you can go on to youtube and search brain-breaks and tons of them will pop up.  

    GONOODLE - you can sign-up for free. 

    STARFALL - You don't need to sign up, this is a free educational site