Students are working on Basketball skills.  We have spent time on dribbling using various stations to work on ball control.  We will now begin passing the ball to our partner.  Students will then work on shooting the ball.  My older students need to remember the short game is important.  Not all shots taken need to be from the "3-point" line.

    All classes have been given a At-home workout sheet.  If you would like jump on in with them, they may be able to teach you a few.

    Kinder and First have been given fitness packets with pictures to help them at home. 5 minutes a day is not asking too much.

    A concept I will instill in you throughout the school year is Healthy Children become healthy adults as well as fit children become fit adults.



    I am Mrs. Barron your Physical Education Teacher.
    I love what I do - I am physically active.  I enjoy walking, running, biking, and working out.
    what is your favorite workout?
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