Gym Day

Mr Lombardi's Wellness Class Feb 18 eLearning

  • Today is a PE day so we are all going to raise our heart rates and move around today so as to raise our wellness level.


    1.  I can demonstrate the ability to comeplete a dynamic warm up that will elelvate my heart rate to 100 bpm.DYN Warm Up


    A) Follow the video at the end of the Warm Up we are going to take our pulse rate on the wrist or2 the neck and see if we are up to or over 100 BPM.

    B) The movements are named on the video  Ican name four of those movements.

    2.  I can complet a 15 minute cardio workout, staying in my target heart rate zone. 15 Minute HIT

    A)  iCan complete the 5 movements on the video

    B) iCan define the title and heading of the workout  What does HIT stand for in the fitness world.  Please attach your definition.

    C) iCan choose a healthy lifestyle by completing a 10 minute warm up and a 15 minute workout.

    D) iCan complete a written paragraph comparing my Heart rate

    1/  Before the Dynamic Warm UP 2/ After the Dynamic Warm Up 3/ After the 15 minute HIT workout.  and how did you like it and how did it make you feel.