• All students have a packet of Math & ELA in their E-learning folders.  

    • Have your child complete their math and English work in their E-Learning folder.
    • Have your child long on www.clever.com.  Do math & reading for 30 minutes each. 
    • Have your child listen to the following book A Snowflake: https://youtu.be/cky-c4J3kZg
    • Make a Snowflake with your child this is the video that we watched in class: https://youtu.be/L4wvgB90dNk
    • Please make sure your child write’s their name on all of their papers including their snowflake (we have glitter and different decorations to add to them).
    • Don’t forget about our events from our monthly newsletter!
    • Please feel free to email me:bjohnson07@mcas.k12.in.us if you need help with anything