E-Learning Day

ELearning 10/11/19

  • English 10 Periods 1,2,3,4
    Mrs. Bormet & Mrs. Daly  Link to Mrs. Daly's E-Learning Page
    Students will be able to say: I can identify the theme of the story. 
    Lesson Description:
    1. Go to the district web page.
    2. Click on Learning Places
    3. Log into Clever.
    4. Open Study Island.
    5. Complete the assignment titled "Theme Practice 10/11."
    (There is a Lesson and a Practice.  The Lesson is a review of Theme and the Practice is the actual assignment.)
    6. This assignment is practice for your theme Common Assessment, which you will take next week.
    Work to be turned in: Theme Practice 10/11 in Study Island
    Due Date: 10/16/19 
    Google Classroom Codes to join: