E Learning

Virtual Learning 4/1/20

  • Periods 1,3,6 with Mr. Evans


    English 9




    Wednesday 4/1

    Note: Unless noted otherwise, assignments are meant to be done independently. This includes all journals, assignments, assessments and essays. Do not share or copy the work of another student or plagiarize answers from websites. If this occurs we will give the assignment in question a grade of 0, and report the incident in a referral. Please review our plagiarism and academic dishonesty guidelines in our syllabus if you have any questions as to what constitutes as plagiarism.

    Objective: Students will be able to answer comprehension questions about plot and characterization based on the first chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird.

    1. Listen to "Virtual Learning Lesson #6."

    2. Read the first six pages of Chapter One. The PDF is included in our agenda in Google Classroom along with all audio book recordings. For those listening, you will follow along with the first 13 minutes of the recording attached below.

    3. Complete "Virtual Learning Assignment 4/1." In this assignment your will respond to comprehension questions about the reading. We will review these questions in "Virtual Learning Lesson #6"


    *We will be holding a Google Meet*



    Friday, April 3rd

    These times are tentative


    Period 1 > 7:45-8:15


    Period 3 > 9:30-10:00


    Period 6 > 11:30-12:00


    We will post the meeting code for that day in our agenda. Please join if you have any questions or would simply like to engage in discussion with your peers.

    *You have until three days after we return from break to turn in your work. However, as we are not scheduled to return until May, do not wait until this point to do your assignments. There will be roughly 25 days worth of work over the next seven weeks. If you are stuck on any assignment please message me.


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    Please Check Mr. Evans' Homepage for Today's assignment and additonal information. 



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    Periods 7 & 8 with Mrs. Daly


    Students will be able to say: I can read and understand a fiction text.


    1. Go to Google Classroom.


    2. Read pages 22-41. Use the audio and follow along with the PDF.


    Due Date: 4/2/20


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    Check Mrs. Daly's Homepage for Today's assignment and additonal information. 




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    2nd Period Resource


    I can check my grades on RDS, Google Classroom or Blackboard and email my teacher for help.


    Lesson Description: Students will log into their RDS accounts to check for missing assignments. Students will check their emails, Google Classroom or Blackboard for ELearning assignments. 


    Steps of the Lesson:


    1. Check RDS to see your grades and assignments or teacher website.


    2. Email Mr. Maurek for help! jmaurek@mcas.k12.in.us 


    3. Check your school email.


    4. Check in on our Google Classroom 



    Email me with any questions you may have




    GOOGLE VOICE number is (219) 809-2315