• So happy you're here!

    Your children are your most important treasures, and I am honored that you entrust them to me.  My goal -- and one students readily agree with --  is that they come home each day knowing a little more than when they left that morning.  To achieve that, we'll provide the tools for success: encouragement, skill-building and guidance to move forward.  

    I look forward to be your partner in the parent/child/teacher team! 

    Ms. K. Parker

  • Having taught in the Chicago Public Schools for 14 years, I am excited to join the team at Lake Hills.  My passion for reading is something I hope to convey to students.   In addition, I have taught second, fifth and sixth grade math.  

    I live in the Lake Hills attendance area, so don't be surprised if we run into each other at the bus stop, McDonald's, M C Supermarket or Westcott Park. 



    One way to reach me is at kparker05@mcas.k12.in.us.  I will be happy to give you my phone number upon request.