ELearning Day

January 31, 2020 E-Learning Day


    January 30, 2020

    Happy E-Learning Day!



    If you are in 4th grade Reading: CLICK HERE

    If you are in 4th grade Math, Science, and Socail Studies: CLICK HERE


    5th Grade Students:


    I can answer comprehension questions.

    Steps of the lesson:

    Login to READWORKS

    click the link above or go here www.readworks.org/student

    A screen will appear that asks if you want to login with google or enter class code.

    Remember: You want to login with google like we have practiced!

    Listen to the story titled: "Students Get Healthy!"

    Answer the comprehension questions that go along with the story.  1-7 are the comprehension questions.

    Answer questions 8-10 with complete sentences.

    Submit your work when you are finished. (40 mins)

    If you do have to enter a class code enter: EYNNVD



    I can... read with fluency.
    Self Selected Reading

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Read your Library book or any other book you have.

    Work to be turned in: Title and pages of book you read. (20 minutes)




    I can write 1 paragraph using complete sentences while using correct punctuation, capitalization, and word choice.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    Log in to Google Classroom under Mrs. Schuyler, you will find the writing assignment titled Writing 1/30

    2. Check your sentences for capitals, end marks, and complete thoughts.

    Work to be turned in: Your Google Form will need to be submitted once you are done with your writing assignment.  (30 minutes)

    Again, if you cannot submit your answers or writing online, write on a piece of paper and turn in.

    Remember for Google Docs you have to press the "turn in" button on the top of the screen in order for me to see your work.



    I can round to the nearest tenth. 

    Steps of the lesson:

    1.  Go to Google Classroom and open the assignment titled  Math 1/30

    2. Answer all the questions.  Make sure you use scrap paper to help you solve your problems. 

    Work to be turned in: Submit the Google Form when you are done (40 minutes)



    I can... participate in iReady lessons designed for my ability.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  Work 30 minutes in iReady on Math

    2.  Work 30 minutes in iReady on Reading

    Please message me if you don't remember your user name. The password is their 7 digit student number.

    Work to be turned in:  iReady minutes (I will see on the report) (TOTAL OF 60 MINS)


     Have an awesome day and I will see you Monday! :)




    If you are in Kindergarten: 


    I can write the letters of the alphabet and recognize their sounds.  

    Watch this video Learn Letter Sounds with ABC See, Hear, Do!

    Write down the letter sounds that you hear from watching the video.  



    I can recognize and write numbers 1-20.

    Watch this video Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | Count to 100 Song | Counting to 100

    Write down numbers 1-100 all on your own and turn in when it is due.  



    I can write my first and last name.

    Write your first and last name 5 times on a seperate sheet of paper.

    Turn in when finished.