• Middle School wrestling is open to all eligible Barker and Krueger students. Both boys and girls may participate. Wrestling practice and home meets take place at Michigan City High School. Practices will take place Monday through Friday from 2:45 to 4:30. An activity bus will be available to take students from their respective middle schools to MCHS for practice and meets.
    The first practice will take place on Monday, October 10. Anyone interested in wrestling must have clean athletic shoes, preferably wrestling shoes, by the start of the first practice. Proper clothing for practice includes a t-shirt with sleeves, athletic shorts, and wrestling shoes.  No rings, earrings, or bracelets may be worn during practice.  Your ride should pick up up at MCHS after practice no later than 4:45. 
    Any student interested in wrestling this season must have a school physical on file before he or she can practice. Note: POP WARNER PHYSICALS DO NOT COUNT. The IHSAA physical form is more extensive and is required for MCAS sports. Parents must also complete an athletic permit form.  You can download these forms from the Barker athletics home page.  Copies are also available in the Barker office.  
    Coach contacts:  Steve Albano (219-561-9193); Thomas Vasbinder (219-229-0894)