Extended Learning Wednesday 5/13/2020


    Wednesday May 13, 2020

     Hi Fruitloops,

    Happy last day of school!

    I will have another drop off date for completed work this Wednesday (May 13), our Fruitloop tub will be at the front doors of Joy Elementary after 4pm and stay there until Sunday at 4p.m.  Remember in order for your student to be counted for attendance, I need to have their work!!  Please keep their math book and any other books they have with you so they can work on stuff over the summer.  I still do not have a pick up date for their supplies at school, as soon as I do I'll let you know!  


    Your special area class today is mUsIc!


    Parents, Mrs. Suter will be holding a virtual Title1 meeting this Thursday at 9a.m. and 4p.m. and would love for the parents to take a few minutes to join one of the meetings!  An email with the link should be sent to YOUR email account!

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    xoxo Mrs. Landing


    What if my child has technical problems with district issued Chromebooks or passwords on an eLearning day?

    The Technology help desk will be available to help at (219) 873-2000, ext. 8359. (For questions about homework or class work, please contact the classroom teacher at jlanding@mcas.k12.in.us)

    Click here if you have eLearning Frequently Asked Questions:

     E-learning information 


    Morning Meeting


    Pledge with Henry and Mogie

    Word Family:

    I can add sounds to change single-syllable words.

    I can delete sounds to change single-syllable words.

    I can replace sounds to change single-syllable words.

    1. Watch this how to video to see what you need to do for the link below!!
    2. Google slides word families- click here for your assignment, have fun!!


    -I can identify the main character(s) in a story.
    -I can identify the setting of a story.
    -I can identify the problem and solution of the story.
    -I can tell what happened in the story.

    I can read high-frequency sight words.

    1. Listen to this story read by the one of my favorite authors, Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    2. At 11a.m there is a google meet set up so we can go on a vitural fieldtrip to Butterfly World  (if you can't join us here is the link)
    3. After the fieldtrip we are going to do a directed drawing of a butterfly.  You will need your notebook, pencil, black marker and crayons!

    Here is a video of Miss Shelly and I reading    video


    I can write a simple story with words and pictures.

    I can arrange ideas in my story.

    I can add sounds to change single-syllable words.

    I can make a word when given the word parts.

    1. If you didn't finish your 4 sentences of what I learned in kindergarten please do that today.  If you got this assignment finished, give yourself a brain hug!
    2.  Here is the video of our class brainstorming what we have learned in kindergarten that we recorded yesterday.
    3. Today you need to write your last 2 sentences of things you learned in kindergarten.  You should have 4 when you are finished!
    4. Here is a video of Mrs. Landing finishing her last 2 sentences.




    I can describe the positions of objects and geometric shapes in space using the terms inside, outside, between, above, below, near, far, under, over, up, down, behind, in front of, next to, to the left of and to the right of.

    I can show different ways to make 10

    1. Watch me explain how to do your math in this video, make sure if yours says to make a copy, click on the button! 
    2. You are going to work on adding with a new game!


    I can participate in iReady lessons designed for my ability.

     Log in on your device with your username and password and work on iReady Reading and Math  for 10 minutes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.



    Your last exit ticket- please do this when you have finished all your assignments

     Specials-  You have mUsIc today!

    Our schedule

    Monday- Art

    Tuesday- Gym 

    Wednesday- Music


    Please click the link below that matches the today's special!