e-Learning Day

E-Learning Day

  • E-Learning -9/30/19


    ***  Remember to complete your assignments in a timely manner, but if you are having Internet issues or need extra help you have three days in which to complete your work and have your attendance counted. 

    Today is a Blue Day 

    • Lesson Description

      We will continue to work on our reading  through Independent Reading. Please check your Google Classroom for an "assignment" regarding your reading for the day.  We will continue with EL Education Lesson 11 - A Long Walk to Water chapter 8 (PDF available on Google Classroom).


      Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Read your Independent Reading book for at least 20 minutes. You may use the following links to go to Google Classroom: Google Classroom Block 1, Google Classroom Block 2, or Google Classroom Block 5.

      2. Make sure your vocabulary logs for A Long Walk to Water are up to date.  I will be checking the vocab words and definitions for a grade - soon.

      3.  Write a summary of Chapter 8 - remember the Criteria of Effective Literary Summary.  Complete the work in Google Classroom assignment.  This is page 49 of your student workbook, and I will give you a copy on Google Classroom.


       Work to be turned in: Complete assignment on Google Classroom regarding Independent Reading.  Complete assignment for summary of Chapter 8 on Google Classroom.

      (Co-teacher for Block 1 Language Arts - click here for Mr. Ingle's page: J. Ingle )

      PLEASE Email me with any questions you may have