eLearning Week 2/March 23, 24, 25,26,27, 2020

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    Click Here Parent Guideline for Week 2  

    Today we are going to have group meetings at 12:00....Class Meeting Today at March 27,2020

    TeamSixth Grade Lake Hills' EleMiddle School

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    Pep Talk

    Date: Week 2 March 23-27 Assignments Today is Friday, March 27, 2020

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    Math:  jmitchell@mcas.k12.in.us, Science:  pwill@mcas.k12.in.us, ELA: dmunoz@mcas.k12.in.us,  Student Support: elozano@mcas.k12.in.us , Speech Support kvoran@mcas.k12.in.us

    Mrs. Hall, Counselor Mrs. Hall

    Remember everyone must login by 10:00 each day.  

     All Groups: Complete these activites by accessing them here or go to google classroom eLearning Page   Please submit completed work through googleclassroom. 


     Spirit Week  Welcome to Spirit Week Click the hotlink for each day's fun task or find the task in google classroom. Submit your hero in google classroom...Sixth Grade eLearning

    Google Meet Directions Message from Mrs. Munoz 

    Click Here:   Google Classroom eLearning Week 2 Assignments 

    MATH Ms.Mitchell and Mrs. Lozano Math

    Assignments for week 1 can be found  Sixth eLearning Week 1 Assignments Class code w62l67b

    Sixth Graders will demonstrate their math skills on eLearning Day 6,7,,8

     March 23 moved these MATH assignments on google classroom Sixth Grade eLearningMarch 24 moved these MATH assignments on google classroom go HERE Math March 24, 2020March 25 moved these Math Assignment on google classroom go Here March 25 Assignments, March 26 Assignments https://classroom.google.com/c/MTc0NzIyOTcwNTBa/a/NTY2OTc5NzAwMDha/details

     Day 10 Math Goals: Friday, March 27

    • I can represent complete > 45 minutes on my math iReady Protocol 
    • I will pass at at least one quiz. 

    This week you should have: made a net from a box and find the surface area and sent a picture, made a net of a cube, a rectangular prism and a triangular prism and sent the picture, completed the Greedy Triangle Review Sheet, attended a class meeting at 12 noon. 


     Today's assignment ..iReady protocol...>45 minutes of math practice....Earn an easy A....and pass at least one quiz...

    Assignment March 27

    Video Directions for March 27, 2020

    Get Moving ....Milkshake Again

    ELA (English Language Arts) Mrs. Munoz and Mrs. Lozano Reading

    6.ML.1 Critically analyze information found in electronic, print, and mass media used to inform, persuade, entertain, and transmit culture.

    All assignments links/videos can be found on our Sixth Grade Elearning Classroom

    Today is Finish Up Friday, March 27!

    Take today to finish up this week's work.  You must complete 45 min. in Reading on Iready and pass at least one lesson.  This is a fool-proof way of getting an A added to the gradebook!


     SCIENCE and SOCIAL STUDIES  Ms. Will Science

    Week 2:  Day 9  Thursday, March 26, 2020

    I can.... Write informative text using appropriate reference materials and prior knowledge.

    I can...  Demonstrate use of technology to produce and publish writing.

    I can...  Describe how potential and kinetic energy can be transferred from one form to another.

    I can...  Find an object's mechanical energy an other forms of energy. 


    1.   Go to Mitchell/Munoz/Will/Lozano in google classroom and click on it.  Then click on "Thursday, March 26, 2020 SCIENCE, eLearning Week 2: Redo Wednesday/Thursday, March 18/19, 2020 Science Assignment and complete the assignment.  Then, read Ms. Will's note at the top of Thursday, March 26, 2020 assignment.        


    2.  You will take a quiz over Ch. 4 Lesson 1.  Also, you will complete the Ch.4 Lesson 3 assignment.                           SEE complete directions on the Mitchell/Munoz/Lozano/ Will Google Classroom page.


    3.     Then "Submit" the writing assignment to Ms. Will using Science google classroom.  Do not "SHARE" the assignment.


    Ancillary Pages

    Ancillary Teachers ...webpages:   Music  Art PE Band  Students have Ancillary Classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

    Students that go to Speech Class click here Mrs. Varone's Lessons