E-Learning Day

  • Welcome to Extended E-Learning 


    This is our last week of extended E-Learning, and I am so sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful class.  


    I wanted to include virtual expectations to start each week. 


    3 Day Week Structure:

    Everything will be posted on one page for the entire week. 

    Monday- Lesson day- I will be posting our weekly skill as a lesson video for the students to view. I will havea  Google form for the students to complete at the end of Monday. This will ask students silly words that I am saying throughout my video to make sure they are taking the time to watch them. 

    Tuesday- Practice day- I will be posting the assignments for the students to complete. 

    Wednesday- Help day- This is a day that I will be helping students complete their assignments if they are stuck or have any questions. If they complete all assignments, I would like for them to use today to work on their iReady path. It would be ideal for them to complete 15-20 minutes of both math and reading. 


    Google Meet through Hangout:

    Each day I will post a code on Google classroom for your child to use if they have any questions about an assignment. This meet time will include Mrs. Wilkins as well. This time will be used to review any problems they may have with the work after watching the instruction videos about the skill of the day. Please have them input the code on classroom to be able to join our classroom meet time. We practiced this at school and they should be familiar with how to log in. This is not a requirement, but an option to answer any questions.

    Google Meet will be held on Monday-Wednesday @ 10:00am

    They can also ask any questions through Moby Messenger, Google Classroom, or use Class Dojo. You can also email me at jroberts06@mcas.k12.in.us 

    To log into Google Classroom you will need to log into your Google account and type your user name and add @mcas.k12.in.us


    Google Classroom Discussions:

    Each day we will have a read aloud for the students to respond to a question about the book as we would after our daily read aloud in class. Please remember these expectations as you are completing Google Classroom assignments. Please make sure your responses to other students are respectful and on topic. I will be monitoring these discussions from my computer as well. 


    Classroom assignments:

    As things are assigned throughout extended e-Learning pleae expect feedback. This means that an assignment may be turned in, but I may return it with feedback for appropriate changes to the assignments. This is to challenge and encourage your child to give their best work, even with being at home. Please check your assignments that you turned in each day to make sure there isn't any returned work for you to recheck.