Michigan City High School


  • During our e-Learning day, you will go to Google Classroom to access the Docs and any resources (videos, PDFs, Slides...) you need to complete your activities for English class. 


    November 27, 2018

    10th Grade (Practice e-Learning)

    Activity Information:

     I can....

    • explains the central idea of the article

    • use at least two details from the article to support my response

    • determin if a word is used correctly in context

    • identify evidence that supports a claim

     Lesson Description:

    • For this lesson, you will read an argument article of your choice (out of 3 posted) and complete the activities. 

     Steps of Lesson:

    • open one of the articles listed in Google Classroom

    • click on the underlined power words to review meanings as you read the article

    • click on "activities" 

    • complete the "Power Words" activity

    • complete the "Write activity" (4 or more sentences)

    • complete the "Quiz" activity ( I will reset if score not passing score of 60% or better)



    11th Grade (Practice e-Learning)

     Activity Information

     I can....

    • describe the steps and elements of a literary essay

     Lesson Description:

    • You will view a video which will help you write your analysis essay for the play The Crucible.  Then you will explore a resource with information /analysis of The Crucible.

     Steps of Lesson:

    •  go to Google Classroom

    •  open and view the 23 minute Youtube video posted in Google CR

    •  go to the website posted in Google CR : explore the Spark Notes for The Crucible pla

    **This informtion is also posted in Google Classroom

    If you need help during e-learning, email me through your school gmail at the following address: