• Mrs. Pitman

    Lucky 13! It's my13th year teaching art! When I was a kid, I loved to draw. In college I took every class I could - drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, bookbinding, and tons of art history. With my Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Herron School of Art, I worked at Fundex Games designing card and dice game packaging. Sitting at a computer all day was too boring, so I completed the Masters of Arts in Teaching at The University of Indianapolis so I could become an art teacher.

    Mr. Pitman was one of the first people I met in college. He is a graphic designer and makes websites. We have two boys - Daniel is 7, and Isaac is 13. They both love baseball and the Cubs and everything Marvel. 


    Working on Fort LaPlay Porte Summer 2019 Daniel and Isaac painted tiles for the Fort La Play Porte Rebuild project Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright - amazing. Isaac plays baseball - a lot. My dad, Daniel, and Mr. Pitman at Bendix Woods Daniel driving my mom around on the 4-wheeler. My brother worked in the Obama White House, so we got to go on a West Wing tour with some of my family.


    photos (l to r): Me, Candice, Lindsay on one of our miserably muddy and long days rebuilding Fort LaPlay Porte at Kesling Park | Daniel and Isaac painted ceramic tiles to be on display at the park | Mr. Pitman and I made a trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece, Fallingwater, a couple years ago | We spend a LOT of time at baseball diamonds. Isaac plays rec and travel baseball | My dad, Daniel, and Mr. Pitman are all bundled up at one of our favorite family traditions - Sugar Camp Days at Bendix Woods (cancelled for this year) | My mom has taught Daniel how to drive the 4-wheeler. Oh dear. | That's my sister-in-law Jenna, my nephew Henry, my brother Rob, my Aunt Peggy, my Uncle Wes, then me and Mr. Pitman in front of Obama's house. The Navy stationed my brother, Bo, there for 2 years so he got to take us on a West Wing tour. 



  • Art Room 405

    What an exciting challenge we have this year!

    My grandma had a secret word - she would say that something was "fantastic!" when it was just terrible and she didn't have the words to be polite about it. I think that my secret word is sometimes "exciting." Our situation is pretty terrible, but a little exciting because we get to figure out how to make it work. I'm grateful to be working with such a great school family. We're going to figure out how to make all of this virtual learning work, how to support each other in this supa dupa crazy time in history. 

    Last year we started learning about art along the timeline of history. We're going to try it again. Some of the projects will have to be toned down considerably so we can take care of the work from home. I hope we can eventually safely get back to school so we can get messy with some paint and clay and collage, but until then we will make do with what we have and that is a-ok. Artists have created masterpieces with a pile of leaves, a pencil or pen and paper. We can learn a lot through history and through testing our creativity.  

     Lescaux school basquiat

     braque madonna warhol

    You can see what we're up to on instagram @artroom405 and @edgewoodsteam