• Art Room 405's motto is taken from one of my favorite movies, Roll Bounce:

    "Don't start nothin' Won't be nothin'"

    Room 405 is not a place where we make cookie cutter art projects. We learn about art history, science, literature, math, engineering, geography, all while exploring the world through creativity. I look forward to working with all of my little aritsts this year! Let's start something. 


    You can see what we're up to on instagram @artroom405 and @edgewoodsteam       @artroom405 on twitter

  • Mrs. Pitman

    This is my eleventh year teaching art! When I was a kid, I loved to draw. In college I took every class I could - drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, bookbinding, and tons of art history. With my Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Herron School of Art, I worked at Fundex Games designing card and dice game packaging. Sitting at a computer all day was too boring, so I completed the Masters of Arts in Teaching at The University of Indianapolis so I could become an art teacher.

    Mr. Pitman was one of the first people I met in college. He is a graphic designer and makes websites. We have two boys - Daniel is 6, and Isaac is 11. They both love baseball and the Cubs and Marvel. 


    My family with Santa (no relation)