e-learning day Jan. 23, Jan. 25th, and Jan. 28, 2019

E-Learning Day --Jan. 23rd, 2019


    E-Learning Lessons for 1/23/19




    Release Date:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019

    Due Date:  Friday, February 8, 2019

    Classroom Teacher contact information:  lmazac@mcas.k12.in.us

    Your teacher will be available today from:  9:00 am - 3:00 pm through email.  You may also contact me through Class DoJo.


    English Language Arts   (30 minutes)


    I can... tell the setting, characters and plot of a story.

    I can... write sentences about a topic and use correct punctuation and capitalization.

    Steps of the Lesson:


    1. Listen to Anansi Story   or read a book you have at home. 


    2.  Illustrate the setting and list the characters found in the story.

    3. Write a paragraph on paper to describe the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  

    4.  Check your sentences for capitals, end marks and complete thoughts.


    Work to be turned in: setting illustration, character list, and beginning - middle - end paragraph


    Writing  (30 minutes)

     I can... write a personal narrative.


    Steps in the lesson:

    1.  Put your name and the date 1/23/2019 on the top of your paper.

    2.  Use the following writing prompt to write a personal

    story to be turned into the teacher.  Remember a story has a

    beginning, a middle, and an ending.  It usually has a problem

    and a solution.  It has transition words like: first, then, next, and

    last or finally.  It has characters, in this case, you are the main

    character, a setting, and a plot.  Please use your best spelling and



    Your writing prompt should begin:

    If I could live anywhere in the world during the winter time, I would live...



    Work to be turned in:  The paper with your personal narrative will need to be turned in. 


    Spelling (30 minutes) 

    I can ...practice my Spelling words by writing each word in a sentence.

     My spelling words this week are:  a lot, always, going, lived, scared, upon, was, each, feel, feet, keep, read, team, ate, baseball, mail, make, paint, stay, boat, find, high, mind, right, throw, flew, food, moon, new, and soon.


    Steps in the Lesson:

    1. Write your name and the date (Jan. 23, 2019) on the top of the paper.

    2. Write 15 out of the 30 review spelling words in a complete sentence with a capital letter at the beginning and an end mark.

    3. Underline each spelling word in the sentence.

    4. Skip lines between each sentence.  


    Work to be turned in:  The paper with 15 complete sentences using each spelling word one time.  



    Math   (30 minutes)

    I can... identify and count money.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  Fold your paper twice.

    2.  Unfold your paper and come up with 8 ways to make 57 cents.  Four on the front side in each box and four on the back side in each box. Example:

    Q Q N P P


    Work to be turned in: Paper with both sides completed, (8 Boxes).



    I can... understand place value in three digit numbers. (2.NS.6)

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1) Create a 3 digit number and then write in expanded form.  For example, if I write 362 and 300+60+2.  Do this ten times.


    Work to be turned in:  The paper with ten examples of 3 digit numbers written in expanded form.



    Science   (30 minutes)

    I can ....continue learning about our Earth’s weather.  I can learn

    about snowy weather on our snow day.


    I can learn about the Earth’s weather and answer the   

    questions at the end of the lesson on separate paper to be turned

    into your teacher.  Please answer in complete sentences with a

    capital letter at the beginning and an end mark.


    What makes snow?  


    1. What is Precipitation?
    2. What are the different types of precipitation?
    3. How does snow occur?
    4. Are all snowflakes alike?  Explain.


    Computers  (30 minutes)

    I can... participate in iReady lessons designed for my ability.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  work 15 minutes in iReady on Math

    2.  work 15 minutes in iReady on Reading


    Work to be turned in:  iReady minutes (I will see on the report) (30 minutes)

    Specials:  (30 minutes)

    Today we have ART class.  Please click on the link below for that class and complete the work.