• Welcome to Math
    In this classroom the expectation is that all communication be polite, and appropriate.  There will be no shame in sharing thoughts and or ideas on solving any problem in mathematics.  Everyone is expected to respect each other, and feel free to ask questions about any of our materials.  This is how Math happens.
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  • A bit about Mr. Jepsen
    I have three degrees from Purdue.  The most recent is an MS. in Mathematics, which I earned in 2011.  I have taught Math for a total of 10 years at the College level and 6 years at the High school level.  I am currently teaching the Dual Credit Precalculus class and several Algebra I Classes.  I am generally available for help before and after school, as I arrive by 6:20am most days, and stay until at least 3:00pm.  In the classroom I maintain a balance between covering the standards, as written, and providing meaningful applications, and thought generating activities.  I vary instruction regularly from the textbook, to Keynote presentations, to handouts, group projects, chalkboard time for myself, and the students as well as the ever important homework, and evaluations.  Everything is kept the students RDS grade book, and I entertain all communication in a timely manner.  In particular I respond frequently and promptly to emails.  If there is anything I can do to help please don't hesitate to let me know.  There is nothing I can't teach a student provided that student is willing to put in honest effort, and time.

    Contact me at:
    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2044, ext. 4368