Elearning Day February 18, 2019

  • Here are your assignments for your Elearning day!  Make sure that you complete each activity in each subject!  Some of your assignments will be on Google Classroom!   If you have a question you can contact me through Dojo or my email.  alarge@mcas.k12.in.us 

     Remember that Google Classroom is in Clever.  If you have to sign into the classroom remember your username will be your regular username plus @mcas.k12.in.us and your log in is your number you log into clever with.  

    To get to IReady make sure that you go through Clever or it will not work.  


    Reading Assignment

    Learning Target:  I can read a fiction and nonfiction article and answer questions accurately using the articles.

    Procedure: Go to the Google Classroom and you can read the articles and see the questions. The subject of both articles is President Lincoln.  You can type your answers on a google doc that has been created or you can write your answers on paper.  

    Hard copies were handed out to the children who were unsure if they could access the Google classroom on Friday.  

      Get 15 minutes in reading IReady for the week.

    Read for 20 minutes

    Book Websites:  Book option 1    Book option 2 or you can find your own book online. 

    Work to turn in:   Google Doc or paper with answers 1-10.


    Math Assignment

    Learning Target:  I can create and read a bar graph. 

    Procedure: Go to the Google Classroom.  You will find two bar graph pages.  You need to answer the questions on paper and turn it in.

      Get 15 minutes in Math Iready.   

    Work to turn in:  Answers to the questions about the bar graphs and two drawn out bar graphs.


    Writing Assignment

    Learning Target:   I can write persuasive sentences about a given subject.

    Procedure:  Draw a copy of President Lincoln's stovepipe hat and write three good reasons why all children should want to go to school and learn after reading President Lincoln's articles for your reading assignment. 

    Work to turn in: Paper with stovepipe hat drawn and three reasons

    Science Assignment

     Learing Target: I can tell the difference between producers, consumers, and decomposers. 

    Procedure  Read about producers, consumers, and decomposers in the Google Classroom.  Then answer the 5 questions after the article.   You can answer on a Google Doc or on paper.

    Work to turn in: Google doc or paper with answers 1-5.