e-Learning Day

Mrs. Surma's Ready Math 3/27/20


    Ready Math

     I can...

    ...practice math skills on my iReady pathway.


    Lesson Description

    For today's lesson, you will complete a warm up on quizziz.com and complete an iReady Math lesson on your pathway.


    The warm up is also your sign-in for attendance.    

    Please click on this link:


    and enter code 101513 to begin the quiz.

    Remember you can use your notes to help you during the warm-up.  Be sure to have a sheet of paper to work out the problems. Don't try to do all of them in your head!  The score will be out of 10 points, one point for each correct answer.  You may take the quiz more than once to improve your score. 




    Today you will complete a math lesson on your iReady pathway. It will be worth 45 points, depending on the percentage you earn.  A score of 75% earns all 45 points, a score above 75% earns 50 points, and a score below 75% earns that percentage of points.  A lesson I assign (like last week 3/18) DOES NOT count as a lesson on your pathway.  

     If you have any questions, please email me:  msurma@mcas.k12.in.us


     Have a great day!