Virtual Learning Thursday & Friday, April 2nd & 3rd, 2020

  • e-learning day


    I would like to give a big "Shout Out" to the following students that have completed 4 or more music assignments since March 16th!!!!  Great job and keep up the great work!!!!   Have a great spring break next week!!

    Kindergarten: Niko, Brody, Caleb, Darrius, Orlando, Baylee, Maddox, Nia, Sebastian, Maddie, Kyleigh, Jude, Zayne, Desire, and Isabella

    First Grade:  Gabriela, Draydin, Nakhia, Conor, Reganae,Kihyle, Autumn, King,Ava, Elin, Gia, William, Nicholas, Eliot, Ari'yana, Jaxon, Genevieve, Alex, Scarlet, Kushpreet, Michael, Ava, Darrin, Konor, Timothy, and Miya

    Second Grade:  Addison, Riley, Caiden, Cohen, Andrew, Fajir, Titan, Vincent, Bronx, Selina, Stone, Zoe, Sadie, Avery, Georell, Rileigh, Amirra, Kyleigh, and Daliyah

    Third Grade: Ayden, Like, Levi, Miles, Alex, and Ireland

    Fourth Grade:  Vianney, Olivia, Janelle, Archer, Elaya, Nia, Marihanna, Julia, Cali, and Megan

    Fifth Grade:  Meerub, Owen, Kara, Isabella

    Sixth Grade:  Santiago, Josh, Diedrich, Samaira, and Lai'Ona



    Boys and Girls, Please make sure you are clicking on the links I have given you.  The icons for Quaver are just pictures to help you navigate the Quaver site.  They won't take you anywhere.  There are 2 links: the Quaver link and the link for the form you are to fill out.  Any questions, please email me!  

     I am going to give you a class code for our text book "Quaver".  I'll give you directions where to go on the Quaver site to do the lesson. After you complete the lesson please go to the link for the form for today.  I'll ask a couple of simple questions about the assignment.  

      If you have any trouble getting to the Quaver site or the assignment please email   me!!!!  I will answer ASAP!!

     Quaver Class Codes:

    Kindergarten: 25T3V                 3rd Grade:  DQYYV                6th Grade:  XFUKW

    1st Grade:  U7RR3                     4th Grade:  RVXSM

    2nd Grade:  TT8C7                     5th Grade:  4XUAE

    Music Virtual Learning assignment for grades K, 1, & 2, April 2 & 3, 2020

    I can... listen to a song and think about my feelings

     Please click on the link to the form and watch the video and answer the questions.



    Music Virtual Learning assignment for grades 3,4,5, & 6 April 2 & 3, 2020

    I can...listen to a song and know how I'm unique

     Please click on the link of the form and watch the video and answer the questions.





  • e-learning day


    E-Learning assignment for grades 1, & 2  March 2nd, 2020

    I can... clap simple rhythms .

    Please click the link, watch the video and answer the questions.



    E-Learning assignment for grades 3 and 6, March 2nd, 2020

    I can...remember and name families of the symphony orchestra

    Please click the link, watch the video and answer the questions.