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    Welcome to Our Class
    Through topics like robotics, flight, and space, students will find their natural curiosity and imagination engaged in creative problem solving.
    PLTW’s Gateway program is a strong foundation for further STEM learning in middle school, high school and beyond, challenging students to solve real-world challenges like cleaning oil spills and designing sustainable housing solutions.
    Using the same advanced software and tools as the world’s leading companies, students see the application of math, science, technology, and engineering to their everyday lives (www.pltw.org).
  • Meet the Teacher
    Mr. Brennan is a 7th and 8th grade Gateway teacher at Barker.  
    After graduating from Ball State, Mr. Brennan taught drafting for four years until he temporarily left teaching for a career in sales.
    15 years later, he has returned to teaching and looks forward to many more years at Barker Middle School.
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    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2057, ext. 7331