E- Learning Day

E-Learning Day 09-30-2019


    E-Learning Day 09/30/2019   Go to your grade level and complete the assignments. 

    E-Learning Assigments will be due Monday October 7th, 2019 for credit of completion of work and attendance.

    6th Grade E-Learning Day Assignments

     I can listen to a story, complete comprehension questions, and cite evidence to support and analyze what a text says explicitly as well as draw inferences from the text.  

    6th Grade Reading and Writing: Directions:

    1.Click on the link https://www.readworks.org/student-authentication 

    2. Students sign in with their google account 

    3. Students enter the class code C76KS5

    3. Listen to the passage  "Got Allergies"

    4. Complete the questions and vocabulary and submit. 

    Assignment to complete comprehension questions and vocabulary for "Got Allergies" is due October 7th. 

    6A.F4  I can complete 6th grade problems. 

    6th Grade Math: Directions: 

    1. Complete the 6th grade math problems below.

    2. You can either click on Google Classroom, hit the +create, click on Docs and complete your assignmnet and click turn in , or use your own piece of paper and turn it in.

    1. Write  49/5 as a mixed number. (Hint: divide the top number 49 by 5)

    2. Which number is prime? 15, 5, 10, 6  Circle the prime number

    3. Write 2/8 in lowest terms. (Hint: What number goes into both 2 and 8?)

    4. Robert has two pieces of rope, one 20 feet long and the other 15 feet long. For a project, he needs to cut them up to produce many pieces of rope that are all of the same length, with no rope left over. What is the greatest length, in feet, that he can make them? (Hint find the GCF of 20 and 15)

    5. 497 X 28=

       Assignment to complete 6th grade standard math problems is due Monday October 7th. 

     6th Grade IREADY MATH 


    1. Click here Clever use your user name and password that has been provided to you. 

    2. Complete 20 minutes of IREADY MATH


    Work to be turned in: IReady minutes will be seen on class report (15 or more minutes in Reading and Math)

    Kindergarten E-Learning Day Assignments 

     I can use letter-sound knowledge to decode the sound of each consonant

    KIndergarten Reading and Writing:  Directions:

    1. Click on the  video Alphabet Video and watch. 

    2. Write the capital letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper.

    3. Turn it in to Mrs. Zaknoun. 

    Assignment to write 5 sight words from the video is due Monday October 7th. 

     I can write the numbers from 1-20.

    Kindergarten Math:  Directions:

    1. Click on the link Write Numbers 1-20 watch the video.
    2. Use a separate sheet of paper to write numbers 1-20.
    3. Turn your assignment into your teacher Mrs. Zaknoun

     Assignment to write the numbers 1 through 20  is due Monday October 7th.  

    Kindergarten IREADY READING and MATH 


    1. Click here Clever use your user name and password that has been provided to you. 

    2. Complete 10 minutes each on IREADY READING and IREADY MATH

    Work to be turned in: IReady minutes will be seen on class report (10 or more minutes)


    Second Grade E-Learning Day Assignments: 

    After reading a story, I can ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of the main idea and key details. 


    1. Click here listen to the story Please Please the Bees

    2. Answer the questions on a sheet of paper.

         1.    Why couldn't the bear get anymore honey?

         2.    There are many things wrong with the bee's hive. Name one. 

         3.    What are two things the bear did to help make the bee's hive better so they could keep making honey?

         4.   The bear just expected there to be honey every day. He took the bee's work for granted. What does it mean to take something for granted?

         5.   The bear and the bees had to work together to have the bee hive that made the honey. Write about a time you had to work together with someone.

    3. Turn your answers on your sheet of paper in to Mrs. Zaknoun


     I can complete single digit addition and subtraction problems and story problems. 

    Second Grade Math


    1. Complete the 8 math problems below on a separate sheet of paper.

    2. Turn the completed math problems into Mrs. Zaknoun

    1. 2+3=

    2. 8+1=

    3. 4+5=

    4. 8-3=

    5. 6-4=

    6. 7-5=

    7. Tom had 10 baseball cards his friend Jim gave him 2 more baseball cards. How many baseball cards does he have in all?  

    8. Jerry has 8 pieces of candy his litter sister took four pieces of his candy. How much candy does Jerry have left?