4/2//2020 ELearning Day


    Welcome to E-Learning !

    Below you will find your assignment and a link below to Google Classroom where all of the assignments are posted. PLEASE READ ALL DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY and post any questions on the stream in Google classroom. I will check every hour on the hour to help you.

    Hi guys !!! This week in math we will be doing lesson 30. We will also do a unit review and an Intern Quiz. It is going to be more rigorous than last week, but if you stay on top of your assignments you will be just fine. There is also a Freckle assignment.
    In reading, we will be doing lesson 22, Interpreting Visual Aids, This is a fun unit and you will gain a lot as a reader if you can use both the text and the graphs, diagrams, charts, and other visual aids.
    Lastly, we will be reviewing the Social Studies Reading and doing a short essay on the evolution of transportation in Indiana. I will try do do a zoom Tuesday and Thursday. Additionally, I want to have conferences with each of you independently to make sure you are up to date with your classwork and you are understanding the material.

    ***** 4/2/2020 Hey there kiddos. Some of us missed a very informational Zoom yesterday so please google hangout me because our ELA and MATH today have different formats. It is new but improved. It is going to make our assignments much easier to complete. Please look under math for the lesson 30 quiz and unit interim that needs to be complete and under ELA there is "Voyage to the Bottom of the Ocean" passage and question set that needs to be completed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take your time on these assignments and ask questions. We will have a zoom at 2:00 today. Lastly, I posted my seed planting video under Science. Watch it :-)


    REMEMBER EVERY Monday and Wednesday there will be one or two instructional videos for both math and reading. There will also be some practice work on the new content on those days. On Tuesday and Thursdays, you will have more practice work as well as some writing and either science or social studies. Friday will be I-Ready and Freckle. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR WORK SO I CAN CHECK YOUR PROGRESS AND HELP YOU THROUGH ANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS.


     Mrs. Burklow's Reading group go to Mrs. Altoff's website calthoff@mcas.k12.in.us


     Go To Google Classroom



     Please read the message that I added to our classroom stream. Then click on the classwork tab and make sure you read your "I Can" statements for each assignment for all subjects ( Reading, Math, Writing, and Science or Social Studies). After understanding your "I Can" statement, and understand your goal for the classwork, click on the assignment, read instructions and make sure you turn in (submit) all of your assignments.