• We aren't a class.

    We are explorers. 
    We are travelers.
    We are innovators.
    We are making a difference.
    This year in room 126, we are taking off on the journey of a lifetime. We are off to explore pyramids of Giza, the Amazon River, the mountains of Chile, the volcanoes of Japan and so many more. We are going to meet friends from all over the world. We are going to taste the world in our cooking lessons. We are going to learn how to be farmers, park rangers, chefs, explorers, and even pilots! Throughout our travels we are going to collect some of our favorite pictures and items to share with our friends back home. It's going to be an amazing adventure in education. Let's Explore!  
  • Meet the Tour Guides:
    Expedition Leader: Miss Smith
    Miss Smith
    Miss Smith is new to the Joy Expedition Team. She graduated from Ball State University with a degree in K-12 Special Education. She loves peanut butter and the color red. Her favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz. This is her first experience traveling in the classroom, but spent some time practicing in Houston, TX for student teaching. She is very excited for the journey and cannot wait to meet the rest of the team! 
    Head Navigator: Mrs. Milzarek
     My name is Wendy Milzarek. I have been married for 18 years and have three children. My son is 16 and my daughters are 14 and 12. I moved to Indiana 17 years ago when my husband’s job brought us here. I attended college at Purdue Calumet where I received my degree in child development. I started working with children when I was in high school for a work study program. I opened my own daycare center after I was married and ran it for 12 years before finally finding a home in the Michigan City schools for the last 6 years. I love all animals and fish but dolphins are my favorite.
    Head Translator:  Ms. Steele
    Ms. Steele
    Ms. Steele is also new to the Joy Expedition Team.  My name is Heather Steele, this is my first year as a Paraprofessional and I'm very excited for it! I graduated from Michigan City High School in 2010 and attended Purdue North Central for two years. I've known for a while now that I want to work with kids, and just recently decided that I want to go to school to become a Speech Pathologist. I love animals, giraffes are my favorite! I have a cat right now and I can't wait to someday own at least one dog.