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    Did you know that our teachers have received several grants to help boost our student learning? Some of them include:
    2013-2014 Grants
    Julie Schmidt and Holly Beadles - Michigan City Community Enrichment Corporation - $10,000
    Project Title:  Art Surrounds Us
    Summary of  Grant:  Art Surrounds Us will allow our children the opportunity to partner with environmental artist, Deborah Landry to create mosaic designs to be installed on outdoor benches as part of an outdoor learning theater. The goal of the project is to teach students the intricate nature of the visual arts, other arts disciplines and disciplines outside the arts and understand the arts as a critical component of learning and comprehension in all subject areas specifically as it relates to our natural surroundings. This project will open up a whole new learning and performing space for our students and staff as well as providing a wonderful venue for outdoor theater and music performances within our community.
    Holly Beadles, Jeanne Bolen, Rick Burnau, Michigan City Education Foundation- Experience Rhythm and Patterns through the Related Arts, $340
    Danielle Delgado, Michigan City Education Foundation- All-Star Animators - Part Deux, $240
    "This grant allowed for the purchase of six more licenses of the All Star Animation software. A group of high ability students will be using Problem Based Learning to create Anti-bullying based story books and animating those books to be shared with their classmates." These licenses will also be able to be used by all the students in the school. "
    Nicole Parry,  Action for Healthy Kids -  $2,500

    "The grant allowed me to purchase a classroom set of stability balls of various sizes.  I was also able to purchase sizes that older children and even adults could utilize.  Through the use of the stability balls, students will be better able to focus during class. The part of the brain that processes movement is the same part that processes learning. Research shows that using stability balls in the classroom will increase blood flow to the brain thus increasing focus. Stability balls also increase core muscle growth which will result in stronger and fitter children."

    LouAnn PorterMichigan City Education Foundation- Let's Get Growing, $335.94


    2012-2013 Grants      
    1. LouAnn Porter  
     Do All Wings Fly?    Michigan City Education Foundation Grant    $334.15
    Students will create mosaic butterfly stepping stones to be planted near a butterfly garden.  Students will hatch caterpillars (Painted Lady Butterfly) and release them near the same butterfly garden.  Students will make origami  butterflies.
    Give children salads and they eat lunch.  Teach children to garden and they'll thrive.  
    Michigan City Community Enrichment Corporation    $6186.00
    Students will learn the process of planting seeds, caring for those seeds, harvest the plants, dry the new seeds and plant those seeds.  Students will also compost scraps from lunch to make fertile soil as well as harvest worms in a worm farm.  Students, teachers, parents, community volunteers and expert gardeners will all work together to reap the benefits of this gardening project.
    2. Danielle Delgado, Technology Integration Coach
    Michigan City Education Foundation, $319.94
    All Star Animation 
    Grant to purchase five licenses of the Flip Boom "All Star" animation software to create multi-grade level literacy and technology integration groups centered around Hoosier Book selections.
    3. Nicole Parry, Lindsay Willis, Linda Kahn, Mary Gish
    Michigan City Education Foundation   $642.80

    "Read With Me"
    Our project aims to build parent involvement in early learning by providing parents with the materials and best practices to involve them in their child's education.  Take home backpacks will be provided to Kindergarten families to engage in reading at home.
    4. Mary Gish, Literacy Coach
    Michigan City Education Foundation, $261.87.
    Reading is as Easy as A B C
    Grant to purchase magnetic letters, a magnetic board and wipe off markers that can be used with small group instruction.
    Early Literacy Grant (K-2), Indiana Department of Education, $10,000.00.
    Grant to fund classroom library, staff development and supplies to support early literacy in the K-2 grade classroom.