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    My name is Brian Vedo and I am very excited about working with this great group of students. I see an eagerness to learn from them that makes everyday that much more rewarding. I graduated from Purdue University North Central and this is my sixth year teaching at Joy. If you have any questions for me you can reach me with the information below.

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  • Behavior Grades/ Communication

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    To manage behavior this year I will be using a website/app called Classdojo. Using Classdojo I can give students points for positive behavior and take away for misbehaviors. Classdojo will alert you via message of any positive and negative behaviors. Each day students will begin each day with zero points. The first time a student misbehaves, they will get a nonverbal warning. The second time a student misbehaves, They will get a verbal warning.  After that, they will lose a behavior point(s).


    If students are showing positive behavior they will receive…


    • Weekly lotto ticket (+6 or more behavior points)
    • Weekly lotto ticket x’s 2 (+8 or more behavior points)
    • Piece of candy (+8 or more behavior points)
    • Lunch with Suter drawing (+10 or more behavior points)
    • 15 minutes of preferred activity time (+12 or more behavior points)
    • Weekly lotto ticket & 2 pieces of candy (+12 or more behavior points)


    If students are showing repeated misbehavior they will receive…


    • Loss of recess (0 or less point total)
    • Parent communication going home (class dojo, phone call, or letter) (-2 or less point total)
    • Timeout in EAP or another teacher’s room (-3 or or less point total)
    • Referral to office (-4 or less point total; immediate if actions are physically harmful to self or others)

    At the end of each week, I will take the percent of positive behavior points to determine their behavior grade. I will send home the sheet for the previous week in the blue Wednesday folder for you to sign and return. Students will lose points if the folder and/or the behavior sheet is not returned signed.

    If you have any questions about my policy, please email me at bvedo@mcas.k12.in.us!

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    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2090, ext. 6316