• Vision and Mission

    Joy Elementary will be a safe and comfortable environment in which students and adults model the Lifeskills and Lifelong Guidelines. Students will engage in cooperative learning experiences, which encompass multiple intelligences (Gardner) and best practices, in preparation for becoming productive citizens and lifelong learners. Programs and instruction will reflect continual evaluation to ensure meeting individual student needs and alignment with the Common Core Standards.


    The Joy Elementary community will provide opportunities for every student to reach their full potential in academic, social/emotional growth, and physical well-being.

    We are committed to preparing children to be lifelong learners who will be productive citizens in a rapidly changing global community.

    We believe:

    • the purpose of our school is to assure all students accomplish their highest level of academic achievement, with an emphasis upon learning as a life-long process.
    • students need self-confidence along with respect for all members of the Joy community.
    • everyone functions at their personal best when they are provided with well-defined guidelines in a non-threatening environment. Students should be willing to take risks, and feel comfortable, appreciated, and accepted as an important member of the Joy Community.
    • the staff, parents, and community are active participants in the academic, social, behavioral, emotional and physical welfare of our children, with regular communication among all participants.
    • in an instructional program that facilitates learning in a variety of ways, with careful consideration given to learning styles, cultural differences, and the special needs of all students. All children can learn in their own way and in their own time.
    • professional growth opportunities for all staff members are crucial for success.

  • Vision