• Welcome To Business Education!!!
    The world is vastly changing, as technologhy becomes more advanced the world of business must changed as well.
    I will be teaching a variety of Business Education Classes and Dual Credit Classes. My goal is to give my students a snap-shot how the business world works and tap into thier minds from a potential business owner and from viewpoint of a consumer and potential investor.
  • Meet the Teacher
    My name is Dr. Daniel Mckinney. I'm the Business Education Teacher at MCHS.
    I previously taught physical education for 6 years.
    Prior to becoming a teacher I embarked on a professional career in sports.
    I've been with the corporation  9 years serving in various positions. 
     I'm Also adjunct professor at Indiana University and Devry/Keller School Of Managment: Teaching Business Courses.
    I earned  B.S.. Business Administration: Kentucky.
    Masters: Special Education : Indiana University.
    MBA: Devry/Keller Graduate School Of Management.
    PHD: Educational Leadership, Indiana University.
    I look forward to a exciting school year with the students.
  • Contact me at:
    Phone and extension: (219)873-2044, ext 4391