• Welcome to Our Class

    This class begins to prepare students for employment in early childhood education and related careers working with children from birth to nine years of age. It also provides a foundation for the pursuit of higher education. Students will get an overview of programs, curriculum and services available for young children. They will learn about child development, licensing regulations, guidance and discipline techniques, basic health, nutrition and safety principles, planning and implementing age appropriate activities and an opportunity to apply what they have learned in one or more early childhood settings.

     Participants in the class will learn to write a resume, create a portfolio and gain guidance for employment. This course also provides the opportunity for dual credit for students who meet post-secondary requirements and successfully complete this course.

  • Meet the Teacher
    My name is Jennifer Goss, and I am the Early Childhood Education instructor at the LaPorte County Career and Technical Education Center. I am a local resident of LaPorte County and a graduate of Michigan City Area Schools. I graduated from MCHS in 2003 and attended college at Purdue University, West Lafayette. 
    While at Purdue, I started out in Secondary English Education, but switched to Communication Disorders (speech, language and hearing sciences). The reason for the switch was because I took many American Sign Language courses and became very interested in working with children with communication difficulties. I received my Bachelor's degree in 2007 and soon after accepted a position as a Speech Therapist with LaPorte Community schools. During my time at LaPorte, I worked in almost all of the elementary schools and the special education preschool. My background is in Special Education, with a focus on Speech Disorders and Autism. I received additional training through several professional development programs relating to early childhood interventions. In 2010 I went to work with  Michigan City schools as an Autism interventionist and Speech therapist and worked with the special needs preschool population. 
    When I am not in my classroom, I am enjoying time with my husband and our two young children, Max and Grace. We are an active family and try to get out and enjoy all the fun things LaPorte County has to offer.  I'm also a student myself; working towards my Master's of Science in Career and Technical Education. 
    Early Childhood Education is my passion. It is the area in which I have always known I would my career with. Being able to guide other individuals with the same career focus is truly a wonderful experience for me. The class offers an in depth look at child development, educational theories, best practices, curriculum and lesson planning, early childhood interventions, resume building techniques, college and career readiness, and community involvement. Students will gain hands on experiences through our partnerships with the Michigan City Area Schools, Junior Achievement and the Salvation Army. 
    Please contact me via phone or email if you want to learn more about the Early Childhood Education Program or would like to schedule a visit to come see what we are all about.
    Jennifer Goss
    phone: 219-873-2120 ext 8738